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The King of Juices - Carrot Juice

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Salam & hola,
Carrot juice - a miracle juice, or “the king of juices”. Many researches around the world have found that if they include carrot juice in their daily diet, their overall health improves extremely. A common misconception is that carrot juice is bitter. In reality, when carrots are juiced, they actually very sweet taste, and they mix great with other fruit juices, especially apple juice. Carrot juice blends with practically all other juices. It is a delicious, nourishing and healthy beverage for all members of the family at all times and it should be an important ingredient of the diet in cases of illness. You can also use carrot juice to lose weight by adding celery while juicing. Carrot juice is best ingested in the afternoon because of the burst of energy that always flows from it.

How to make carrot juice:
When preparing the carrots for juicing, wash the carrots thoroughly in cold water using a stiff vegetable brush. Scrape lightly, but do not peel, because valuable vitamins and minerals lie close to the surface. The juice should be used immediately after it is made. If this is not possible, let the juice flow directly into glass jars, which you should then cover with screw-on lids. Keep juice tightly covered, and in the refrigerator to prevent loss of vitamin and mineral content through oxidation.

Calorie content:
To give you an idea of calorie content if you were to take a mixture of fruit and carrot juice in a drink the calories per cup would be between 70 and 100 calories. One 8-oz. glass of carrot juice contains 20,000 mg. of vitamin A. Simply by replacing one meal a day with a delicious glass of juice and the mixture can be your own choice. You may love strawberries or bananas, and by mixing in some carrot juice you will find that you will begin to look forward each day to your daily juice.

Medicinal Uses & benefits:
• Prevent stomach diseases: Carrot soup is an effective natural remedy for diarrhea as it gives sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur and magnesium essential to check diarrhea. Besides, it checks growth of harmful bacteria and prevents vomiting. It is specially useful for children (112 kg carrot to be cooked in 150 ml water until it becomes soft, water is drained, little salt is added, 112 cup soup is given every half an hour). Carrot juice is an effective remedy in diseases like intestinal colic, colitis, appendicitis, peptic ulcer and dyspepsia. Carrots clear the blood and have a beneficial influence on kidneys and dropsy, and prevent the brick-dust sediment sometimes found in the urine.

• Prevent heart diseases: In a study meant to reveal therapeutic value of carrots researchers revealed that cholesterol level reduces by 11 percent if seven ounces of raw carrots a day is taken for three weeks. High cholesterol is a major factor for heart disease. Since regular consumption of carrots reduces cholesterol level it is good to prevent heart related problems. It is also discovered that root vegetables can reduce the chances of having a heart attack. A study conducted found that those who ate more carrots had one third the risk of heart attack as compared with those who ate fewer carrots.

• Prevent cancer: Beta-carotene consumption has been linked to reduced risk of several cancers, notably lung cancer. Researchers discovered that increasing beta-carotene consumption from 1.7 to 2.7 milligrams a day reduced lung cancer risk more than 40 percent. The average carrot contains about three milligrams of Beta-carotene. In a study, researchers found that eating fiber rich carrots reduce the risk of colon cancer by as much as 24 percent. Another study shows that women who ate raw carrots were five to eight times less likely to develop breast cancer than women who did not eat carrots.

• Improves eyes: Deficiency of vitamin A can cause some difficulty seeing in dim light. Since carrot is rich in vitamin A it is good for improving eyesight. Macular degeneration is a common eye disease of elderly. It impairs the macula. Researches found that people who ate the most Beta-carotene had a forty percent lower risk of macular degeneration compared with those who consumed the least. night blindness, poor growth, dry skin, and dry eye. Vitamin A helps to promote growth for visual light and color.

• Brain Stroke: A carrot a day reduces brain stroke risk by 68 percent. Many studies have strengthened the “carrot effect” on brain. Studies conducted on stroke patients revealed that those with highest levels of Beta carotene have the best survival rate.

• Prevents Diabetes: Carrot is good for blood sugar regulation because of the presence of carotenoids in carrot. Carotenoids inversely affect insulin resistance and thus lower blood sugar.
Drink healthy…..think healthy…… live healthy!!!!

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