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Diet can CURE Cancer !

Friday, March 4, 2011

As Salam,
Most people believe that there may be a link between diet and cancer, but I know a bit more than that. It is true that there is a link, a great link. One hundred years ago, when cancer was almost unheard of, everyone was eating food that was cultivated or recently have been grown in our own backyard. Today, nearly all foods in supermarkets is and has been treated and disturbed by man. The food we put into our body is the basis for our health and is well known that the nutritional quality of food we eat is related to our health. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said in one of his oath: “Let your food be your medicine and medicine be thy food.” Century ago people were actually healthier than modern man to live in Western societies.

New study says heart disease to excess levels of cholesterol and cancer did not exist then and that these health problems are a direct result of too many bad foods we eat and our lack of exercise. Their average life might have been lower than ours today, but it was because of illness, infections and infant mortality problems we have solved the majority. How all this relates to Cancer? Cancer is simply a disease of the immune system or rather a disease of the immune system is weakened, because it was weakened by the way we live, especially with the bad food we eat, allowing cancer cells to an agreement.

The most obvious and safest way to become cancer free once the site is to stimulate the immune system and the only way to do is eat foods that have been designed for humans. It is, live as Mother Nature intended us to live. When man becomes the food and to help sell, he knows we all need three things, fat, salt or refined sugar. Those three elements are present in almost all processed foods and are known to all taxpayers with cancer. In addition, all foods processed foods are old (nutritional deaths) compared with fresh produce. Only very recently have we seen research on food and how it is linked to cancer.

Phytonutrients, also called phytochemicals found in many fruits and vegetables, and these compounds have been found have an amazing ability to stop cancer, and in particular the fight against cancer, once established. Some examples are: Tomatoes contain a nutrient called lycopene picture and the compound responsible for its bright red color and its potential against cancer. It’s been beneficial for both patients prostrate and breast cancer. Cruciferous vegetables, which broccoli is one of them, all contain anti-cancer compounds and important research has found overwhelming evidence to support it.

Red grapes are a powerful image of nutrients called resveratrol, which also have anti-cancer properties. Apples have been found to inhibit growth in colon cancer by 43%. They contain a photo of nutrients found only in the skin of the apple. Why do not we have been informed of the fight against cancer of the capacity of our natural foods? The answer is simple, food is a natural product and can not control its price and make huge profits, while drugs to treat cancer are synthesized or artificial and can be patented and the price can then be controlled manufactured by them. Conventional treatments for cancer today the use of these drugs are an industry of billions of dollars a year. These huge profits are fiercely protected by the industry giants. For the diet that can cure cancer, and recently turned grown foods, organic when possible. The natural food for breakfast is fresh fruit and lots of it. If you need a snack in the morning to eat more fruit. A healthy choice for breakfast is a bowl of fresh salad items and there are many to choose from.

Onions should be included. A couple of choice for tea can be a pumpkin soup with vegetables or maybe some steamed vegetables with a baked potato. Schemes like this are not new, as Dr. Gerson was curing cancer patients in the 1950s in the United States with food of this kind, but used the food in the form of juice to flood the body, nutrients. It has cured thousands of patients, many terminals and there are countless testimonials of cured patients.

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